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Deposit Payments made faster, less expensive, highly secure and convenient.

SWIFLI Pay seamlessly connects your clients to their banking ecosystem, securely enabling them to transfer deposit funds of any value from anywhere.


FINTRAC Compliant

Have your clients easily upload their IDs directly into the application. IDs are automatically scanned to complete Fintrac forms.

AML Compliant

Highly secure Credential-based Authentication in addition to password authentication to handle your client’s sensitive financial data.


Brokerages can now receive deposits with an automatic tracking of all relevant information per transaction. Eliminate the need for your brokerage to manually update their system for each wire transfer they receive.

Stay Informed

All parties in the transaction get notified when your clients pay the deposit and receive a receipt as soon as the brokerage receives the funds.


Eliminate the need for clients to visit the bank in-person or the need to drive to a brokerage to drop off deposit cheques.

Save Money

Significantly reduce costs for your clients with each transaction. No more need for certified deposit cheques, expensive wire transfers or EFTs.